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Help Edward Snowden Retweet Roy Sinai ‏@rs2802 Ο χρήστης Roy Sinai έκανε Retweet Help Edward Snowden

Ο χρήστης Roy Sinai έκανε Retweet Help Edward Snowden
It would be dynamite if the '21st century Robin Hood' for the Information Age were to win.
Ο χρήστης Roy Sinai πρόσθεσε,
Μεταφράστηκε από Αγγλικά από το
Θα ήταν δυναμίτης εάν «21ου αιώνα Ρομπέν των δασών» για την εποχή της πληροφορίας ήταν να κερδίσει.
  • Update: Yahoo scanning not done via 702, but with FISC order (title I), sources now say
  • $302 Million Verdict On 'Jason Bourne' Encryption Tech May Speed Consumer Adoption
  • Ο χρήστης emptywheel έκανε Retweet zerohedge
    This is becoming a nice test case in the value of security. I mean, for those who aren't Yahoo investors.
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  • Ο χρήστης Trevor Timm έκανε Retweet zerohedge
    Ironic part here is that Marissa Mayer reportedly ignored her security team because she was worried they would negatively affect business
    Ο χρήστης Trevor Timm πρόσθεσε,
  • One of America's most important voices in news, Margaret Sullivan (), on the surveillance scandal.
  • Long time coming: CIA officials who supervised torture will be deposed by .
  • Check out book tie-in from - includes screenplay, photos, & foreword by David Talbot
  • Ο χρήστης Cyrus Farivar έκανε Retweet Cyrus Farivar
    My esteemed colleague will have more on this for shortly.
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  • ODNI lawyer Bob Litt, April 2016: it's no big deal if a govt machine, rather than a human, conducts massive scans
  • Ed fought for our privacy because privacy really matters.
  • Ο χρήστης Glenn Greenwald έκανε Retweet Tim Miller
    The most scathing, most entertaining, and most illuminating Trump-hatred has often come from GOP consulting class. Make of it what you will:
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